We are your ideal partner

We have more than 9 years of experience in copyright protection, distinctive signs and inventions in various branches of knowledge.

Our approach is tailored entirely to each client needs.


Satisfy our clients protection needs of intangible assets through a wide variety of innovation and intellectual property services, both in Mexico and internationally.


Become a consolidated leading company in intellectual property protection at national and international level for our sense of responsibility, capacity for analysis and effective and efficient support for our clients.


Are an essential part of our identity, and therefore allow us to bond with our clients and offer them an excellent quality service.

At a national level, we have more than 10 specialists in the field, including engineers, lawyers and technologists dedicated solely to serving our clients.

At the international level, we have a network of experts and strategic partners on all 5 continents, making it possible for our services to reach any part of the world.

Indira Elisa Molina Gaytán
CEO / Intellectual Property Specialist

Norma García Hernández
Logistics and Customer Service Manager

Israel Gallardo Santano
Academic & Community Manager

Karen Gómez Mariscal
Project Manager

Jaqueline Flores Salinas
Patent Prosecution Professional

Cristina Ortiz Treviño
Patent Prosecution Professional

Edna Regina Ochoa
Business relations